Health and Wellness in Liverpool, New York

Health and Wellness in Liverpool, New York


Liverpool’s history is as diverse as the city itself. Known colloquially as “The Salt City” due to its numerous bakeries, the city also lends its name to a railroad property in the game Monopoly. The city of Liverpool is full of variety, and the residents of Liverpool are equally as varied in their ethnic and socioeconomic representations.

Despite their differences, all citizens can agree on the need for high quality chiropractic services in their city. From common chronic pain issues to uncommon weight loss strategies, our practice is ready to handle the needs of all residents in the area.   

Leading Chiropractic Care in Liverpool

Chiropractors provide safe and non-surgical treatments for a range of neuromusculoskeletal conditions. Our team feels strongly about providing treatment services that pose minimal risk to our patients, so we do not incorporate drug therapies and surgical options in our work. Instead, all of our services encompass the following areas: 

  • Specialized health care. We create treatments that meet the requirements of each individual patient, as we understand that no two people may come to our office with the same problems.
  • Wide range of services. From pain management, to nutritional guidance, and even weight loss assistance, we have your needs covered. We’re committed to helping our patients reach all of their fitness and health goals, regardless of scope or magnitude. We often provide services for things outside of what is normally offered from other chiropractors, including alternative options for people with Acid Reflux.
  • Attention to detail. There are many aspects to treatment, so our team works tirelessly to address each and every detail of your care.

Our team does not specialize solely in the treatment and prevention of neuromusculoskeletal issues. Instead, we work with you to develop long term goals related to these issues and other areas such as overall wellness and health. So much so, that Dr. Chris also teaches Applied Kinesiology Seminars in person and online to doctors from all over the world. He is 1 of very few specialists in the world. 

If you have questions about chronic pain conditions, weight loss strategies, or anything in between, then our team is ready to take your call. Contact us today to discuss how we can work with you to promote long term solutions to your chiropractic issues.

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What Is An Isometric Workout?

To isometric exercise definition what is isometric put it simply, isometric training is a form of strength training exercise. It actually uses muscle contractions in order to enhance both strength and endurance. Because these types of isometric squat exercises are typically low intensity and static exercises in which the muscle length and even joint angle do not change much (if at all) it is not going to provide natural resistance. In fact, most of the resistance in these kinds of workouts is mostly going to be provided by the persons own natural body weight and from the weights that are used in the exercise (if at all). Below, we will be going over some of the key benefits of these kinds of workouts.

Benefits Of Isometric Workouts:

1. Better Efficiency.

When it comes to working out, you are not going to find many workouts that can be completed much more efficiently than isometric workouts. Because they can be completed in minimal amounts of time and because they essentially do not require any type of equipment, you will be able to really complete these exercises whenever and wherever you want. You can pretty much implement all body weight exercises into your routine and achieve great results from them.

2. Improved Flexibility.

Another benefit that you are likely going to get when you implement these kinds of exercises into your routine is the ability to significantly improve your level of flexibility. Regular practice of these kinds of exercises can enhance your overall level of flexibility within your body which can help to do all kinds of things like reduce the risk of suffering from various kinds of injuries and/or strains.

3. Maximize Strength.

Another benefit that you are going to be able to get when you implement these kinds of exercises into your routine is the ability to maximize your strength. Because these exercises are so good at boosting your strength and your muscle mass, they will be able to help activate muscle fibers that are generally not used and also keep your muscles constantly building up rather than breaking down. This is a good way to increase both strength and muscle mass as you can generally lift more when you are using static training rather than other kinds of training.

4. isometric contraction Good For Recovering From Arthritis.

Another benefit that you are going to get when you implement this kind of training into your routine is a better ability to recover from and/or minimize the discomfort associated with arthritis. Because you will be implementing static training into your routine, it will help to stabilize various joints and injuries in your body and minimize the amount of movement and stress you have to place on your joints at the same time.

Overall, there are plenty of benefits associated with this kind of training. Not only is it a great way to build up strength and muscle mass, but this kind of training can be very good for those that are either recovering from injuries or who want to avoid potential injuries. Read more

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